Fidelity cuts Reddit valuation by 41%

Fidelity, the lead investor in Reddit’s most-recent funding roundmost-recent funding round, has slashed the estimated worth of its equity stake in the popular social media platform by 41%, the... Read more »

Rocket Lab’s private mission to Venus slips to 2025

Rocket Lab’s mission to Venus, which was originally scheduled to launch last month, is “not imminent,” a spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch. That means the mission will likely move ahead... Read more »

Salesforce could be repositioning itself as a data company

Salesforce reported earnings on Wednesday, and while it wasn’t quite the heady rush of last quarter’s unexpectedly strong offering, it was by all accounts decent. And as far as... Read more »

Stranger Things game developer BonusXP is shutting down

BonusXP, the game studio that worked with Netflix to kick off its gaming initiative and introduced “Stranger Things” titles on mobile devices as well as desktop and consoles, is... Read more »

Monthly crypto exchange volume tumbled in May, hitting 32-month low

Follow me on Twitter @Jacqmelinek for breaking crypto news, memes and more. Welcome back to Chain Reaction. Although there are a lot of builders in the crypto space, the... Read more »

Drive times app ETA brings its handy location dashboard to CarPlay

Nearly a decade after its launch, ETA’s simple drive times app is finally making its way to Apple’s CarPlay. The newly updated app, which offers an alternative first step... Read more »

Meet me at the dog run

You’ll have to forgive me, I spent most of the morning thinking and writing about VR. In the lead-up to Apple’s expected headset announcement at WWDC next week, I... Read more »

More SpaceX Starlink terminals will go to Ukraine following new order from Pentagon

The Department of Defense said Thursday it is buying more Starlink terminals from SpaceX for use in Ukraine, as the conflict between that country and Russia wages well into... Read more »

Tech investment portfolios suffer write-downs amid global economic slowdown

Some high-profile venture capital and private equity firms are slashing the valuation of their holdings, causing billions in apparent profits to evaporate as the economic downturn undermines the sustained... Read more »

Fintech giant Stripe is getting into the credit game

Stripe wants to make it easier for businesses to access credit. The private financial infrastructure giant announced a new charge card program today from Stripe Issuing, its commercial card... Read more »
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