Mecanizou, now with $14.5M, plans to expand auto parts marketplace in São Paulo

If you’re a car maintenance do-it-yourselfer in the United States, it’s pretty easy to find auto parts with a simple internet search or of an auto parts store’s database.... Read more »

Hitachi Energy emerges as victim of Clop gang’s Fortra attack

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Sifflet raises cash to expand its data observability platform

Organizations dealing with large amounts of data often struggle to ensure that data remains high-quality. According to a survey from Great Expectations, which creates open source tools for data... Read more »

Ferrari rejects ransom demand after cyber attack

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Mapping drone startup Wingtra is charting a new future after landing $22M

Wingtra’s drones are used to perform surveying missions by organizations around the world, including NASA and the Army Corps of Engineers. Now the startup is mapping out a new... Read more »

How to Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number (All Methods)

Even though you have several social networking sites, nothing can beat Twitter in bringing your content to the world. From celebrities to businesses, everyone has an account on Twitter.... Read more »

Apple Pay is now available in South Korea

After months of regulatory delays, Apple users in South Korea finally saw the launch of Apple Pay today. As with other markets, Apple’s wallet and payment service in Korea... Read more »

Facebook political microtargeting at center of GDPR complaints in Germany

In its latest piece of strategic litigation, the precision-punching European privacy rights campaign group noyb has used data donated by users of the ‘Who Targets me‘ browser extension, which... Read more »

Ransomware gangs harass victims to ‘bypass’ backups

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Roundtable raises funding round on Roundtable

French startup Roundtable has raised a $3.2 million (€3 million) funding round from a hundred business angels. That’s quite a large group of individual investors — but that’s because... Read more »
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