Adobe brings product analytics to its Experience Cloud

Adobe today announced the launch of a new analytics solution for product teams at its Adobe Summit conference in Las Vegas. Dubbed Adobe Product Analytics (because Adobe doesn’t mess around with its products’ names), this new service aims to give product teams access to key metrics into product lifecycles that have typically been siloed within different teams in an organization and had to be procured from data analyst teams. It’s part of Adobe’s Customer Journey Analytics, which is also getting an AI-centric update today.

Nate Smith, Adobe’s director of product marketing for Adobe Analytics, noted over the course of the last few years businesses accelerated their development work and investment into digital products. But now, in this more cost-conscious climate, they are also tasked with continuing to add value, retain customers and do so efficiently.

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“Those teams had mandates to build better products,” he explained. “For a lot of those teams and brands, when they heard that, ‘build better products’ was defined along the lines of make sure people are using this product or this app. Success is consumers using it regularly.” But not that they have these products and digital experiences in market, these companies are waking up to the fact that they can’t live in silos.

What Adobe’s customers want, Smith said, is a better way to understand how their digital products contribute to their revenue. “While you’ve got marketing teams that have traditionally owned the customer and product teams that have traditionally owned the product, there’s been this massive convergence toward who owns the experience? And the answer is: everyone,” said Smith.

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Traditionally, product teams would either work with an analyst or business intelligence team to get insights into this data, or set up a self-serve standalone product analytics solution. But then this product data sits in another silo. “They want the best of both worlds. They want to have the ability for product teams to have — and to contribute to — cross-channel data and insights, but also to have an experience tailored to their personas and needs.”

So Adobe decided to build this solution on top of its omnichannel Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) service — and product teams are likely only the first of many new personas that the company will build solutions for in this tool. With this service, all of the teams that use CJA now have a common analytics language and framework.

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Smith also stressed that this new service includes a guided analysis feature that helps product teams ask the right questions from the outset to, for example, help these teams understand the patterns in engagement over time or where there is potentially some friction in getting users from using the app to engaging with it more.

“We are excited about the new capabilities offered in Adobe Customer Journey Analytics for product teams, and the potential it will have to enable our product teams to uncover deep subscriber insights while collaborating across teams,” said Lindsey Weaver, vice president of global product analytics at Warner Bros. Discovery. “With this unified view of the customer journey, Adobe is empowering us to better understand our subscribers and improve customer experiences across all our streaming products.”

Adobe brings product analytics to its Experience Cloud by Frederic Lardinois originally published on TechCrunch

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