Usually, Android users install a junk cleaner app to boost their phone’s performance. However, a junk cleaner app alone can’t contribute much because you need to implement a few other things on your own to enhance your phone’s performance.

Let’s start with web browsers. Web browsers are one of the most used apps on our Android devices. You are also reading the article via a web browsing app. Do you know, web browsers can also contribute a lot in enhancing the speed of your Android smartphone.

Normally, we use Google Chrome or UC Browser to access the internet, but there are few lightweight web browser apps available on the Google Play Store that are super fast, and they don’t put a heavy load on your phone’s processor.

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List of 10 Best Lightweight Browsers for Your Android Device

These lightweight web browsers can not only help you to free up some storage but can also lead to better smartphone performance.

Since these apps are meant to run on low-end smartphones, they can run even on a 2G internet connection.

1. Via Browser

Via Browser

It is one of the best web browsers that you can have on your Android smartphone. The web browser is fast, and it provides some basic customization options. The web browser had been made by keeping simplicity in mind.

So, you could expect better browsing speed with a slow internet connection. Apart from that, the web browser also packs an ad blocker, data saver, night mode, etc.

2. Lightning Web Browser

Lightning Web Browser

As the app’s name says, Lightning Web Browser is one of the best and fast web browsers that you can use right now. The app needs less than 2MB to install on your Android smartphone, and it focuses on design, security, and efficiency.

The great thing about this lightweight web browser is that it provides users with an incognito mode option.

3. Opera Mini

Opera Mini

This one is heavily popular amongst Android users, and it’s one of the top-rated app available on the Google Play Store. When it comes to the browsing speed, nothing seems to beat Opera Mini for Android.

The app is lightweight, and it offers every feature that a web browser needs. From ad blocker to video downloader, Opera Mini has it all.

4. Google Go

Well, it’s not a web browser, but it’s a search app. Usually, we depend on Google Search Result to get information. So, why not Google Go? Google Go is indeed a lighter and faster way to search, and it can effectively save your internet data.

You can expect every feature from Google Go that you expect from the Google Search result.

5. Maiar Browser

Maiar Browser

Well, this is a new browser, at least compared to all others listed in the article. Maiar Browser is extremely lightweight, and it gives Privacy the utmost priority. The web browser has a built-in ad blocker, tracker blocker, password manager, video player, etc.

So, Maiar Browser is another best lightweight browser that you can use on your Android device.

6. Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero is another best lightweight web browser on the list that requires less than 500Kb to install. The web browser focuses on incognito web browsing, and it doesn’t save your browsing history, cache, cookies, and passwords.

Apart from that, the lightweight web browser also offers multiple tabs bar, adblocker, personalized search.

7. Kiwi Browser

Kiwi Browser

It’s another best lightweight web browser for Android that can browse the internet, read the news, watch videos and listen to music. It’s based on Chromium and WebKit.

That means you can enjoy every feature of Chrome for Android with Kiwi Browser. However, it’s lightweight and doesn’t consume much of your system resources.

8. Monument Browser

Monument Browser

Monument Browser may not be a popular mobile browser, but it’s fast, secure, and intuitive. The great thing about Monument Browser is that it’s based on Chromium web view. That means you will get Chrome type experience with Monument Browser.

The Apk size of Monument Browser is just 2MB, and after the installation size is 9MB. It’s pretty light on resource consumption and offers you many features like a Reading mode, Night Mode, Overflow menu, and more.

9. FOSS Browser

FOSS Browser

If you are looking for an open-source lightweight web browser for Android, FOSS Browser might be the best pick for you. The great thing about the web browser is that it’s optimized for one-handed browsing.

From the search bar to the tab preview, everything is placed at the bottom of the screen. It might not have all the features you need, but it’s pretty light on resources and doesn’t slow down your phone’s performance.

10. Phoenix Browser

Phoenix Browser

If you are looking for a fast and secure web browser for Android, look no other than Phoenix Browser. Phoenix Browser is one of the most popular Android web browser app available on the Google Play Store.

The web browser is built on top of Chromium, and it’s pretty lightweight as well. The good thing is that it has a built-in download manager to grab online videos.

So, these are the best lightweight web browser that every Android user would love to have. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also.