Square cofounder Jim McKelvey on competing with Amazon, building a startup during a recession, and w (insider@insider.com (Polina Marinova)/Business Insider: Tech)

McKelvey says this chaotic year is forcing leaders to rethink traditional
solutions and find ways to adapt and improve them.

Below is an excerpt from our conversation about entrepreneurship,
competition, and how we can all turn our outlandish ideas into viable

In your book, you write, “A start-up fighting any tech giant is like a
kid dressed as a soldier fighting an actual soldier.” Can you elaborate
on that idea and give a specific example of where you saw this play out?

I can’t tell you how chilling it is to find out that Amazon is attacking
you. It’s like a doctor coming in with a frown on his face, and saying, “Mr. McKelvey, you might want to sit down and maybe gather your family
around.” It was just so terrifying. We wanted to respond in some way, but
there wasn’t anything to do. …

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