European Commissions Action Plan on Intellectual Property deemphasizes automotive industry concerns ( (Florian Mueller)/FOSS Patents)

Today the European Commission formally adopted and announced its Action
Plan on Intellectual Property (“IP Action Plan”).

A near-final draft of the document already leaked last week and generated
some media attention. I elected to wait for the final document (also
because I’m very busy with the impending launch of my iOS and Android
game). Given that some significant changes have been made, I’m glad I did
hold off.

So here’s my rapid response, and I may go into more detail on some of
these issues later or in a follow-up post:

While a draft version of the document placed a great deal of emphasis on the need to engage with the automotive sector (given the particular issues it is facing with a view to the licensing of standard-essential patents (SEPs)), the final plan downgrades that industry’s problems or at least seeks to defocus from them: …

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