Apple: Wedbush sees ‘surge of demand’ for AirPods (Philip Elmer-DeWitt/Apple 3.0 – Philip Elmer-DeWitt)

From a note to clients by analyst Daniel Ives that landed on my desktop

As we head into Black Friday and the start of holiday shopping season we
are seeing a surge of consumer demand for Apple’s AirPods Pro with some
good discounts on the horizon.

We estimate that Apple is on pace to sell over 90 million AirPods units
in 2020 and is now on a trajectory to potentially reach 115 million units
in 2021 with a new version slated to be unveiled in the April/May 2021

Attach rates for existing iPhone customers remain extremely high around
the new AirPods Pro with our estimates that Cupertino will sell roughly
18 million AirPods during the course of the next month with this product
on pace to yet again be a clear star of Black Friday and holiday season. …

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